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1. Double dynamos; double pump packages; double valve banks; double motors; large cylinder diameter; high emission; ultra--high pressure; heat radiation in two directions; excellent pumping capacity and high reliability; applicable for various complicated operating conditions
2. Adopt German Rexroth and Hawe pump package and valve bank that have higher reliability and longer service life;
3. Patented technology for the connecting device of swing cylinder, which is conducive for the adjustment and maintenance of swing cylinder;
4. Arc hopper with three-dimensional optimization, which doesn’t amass the materials, and is convenient for cleaning up;
5. After undergoing abrasion resistant treatment, the S-shaped tube, concrete cylinder, wear plate, and cutting ring have excellent abrasion resistant performance and longer service life;
6. With the high pressure and low pressure switching valve, its master cylinder can easily realize the switch between high pressure and low pressure;
7. Its electric control system is equipped with PLC, and well-known international brands are adopted for major electric components, thus ensuring reliable, coordinated and accurate operation of various components.

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