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1. With advanced technology, high-end configuration, integration of highly efficient functions, and combination of high pressure at the outlet of trailer pump and convenient transfer of truck and pump, it is suitable for operation on multiple sites;
2. With German Rexroth main oil pump and valve bank, it can realize higher reliability and longer service life;
3. With all-hydraulic controlled retractable legs, it can be operated conveniently;
4. With a water tank for itself, it can be cleaned during pumping process;
5. After undergoing abrasion resistant treatment, the S-shaped tube, concrete cylinder, wear plate, and cutting ring have excellent abrasion resistant performance and longer service life;
6. Components from Schneider, Omron, Mitsubishi and other famous international brands are adopted in its electric control system, thus ensuring high reliability and automation;
7. Equipped with German Deutz high-power engine, it realizes strong power, low emission and stable performance.

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