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       Case 1:
      Jiangxi Wugui Bridge, a landscaping bridge in Shangrao City, is a suspension bridge with single pylon. Its main cable saddle, which combines symmetrical saddle bows on left side and right side, has the weight of about 85t. The cable saddle is made of ZG275-485 cast steel, and the two symmetrical saddle bows are connected via 10 rigid stay bolts. In the main span, there are two sets of self-anchored splay castings, which are made of ZG35Mn and have the weight of about 8t each, and; in the side span, there is one set of ground-anchored splay casting, which is made of ZG35Mn and has the weight of about 18t.
      Case 2:
      Shaxian Suspension Bridge, a continuous ground-anchored suspension bridge with single pylon and two spans, has total length of 264.18m. Its main cable comprises two spans with theoretical span of 113.85m, theoretical sag to span ratio of 1:4.58, and main span safety coefficient of 3.0.
      At 27 suspension centers with the spacing of 4m along the length of two spans, there are 112 sets of cable clamps, including: 24 sets of SJA cable clamps of three sorts; 36 sets of SJB cable clamps of one sort, and; 4 sets of enclosed cable clamp. The cable clamps are made of ZG20SiMn. Each cable clamp comprises the upper clamp and lower clamp, which are made by casting. With the internal diameter of Φ299mm, the cable clamps are connected via M30X427 high strength bolts (made of 40CrNiMoA). For each high strength bolt, its final tightening force reaches 355KN; for the fastening bolt of cable clamp, its coaxial tensile strength and safety coefficient reaches 2.0; the coefficient of uniformity for the fastening pressure of cable clamp reaches 2.8; the friction coefficient between cable clamp and main cable reaches 0.15; the antiskid safety coefficient of cable clamp reaches 3.0, and; the tensile strength and safety coefficient for materials of cable clamp reaches 3.0.
      There are four sets of steering saddle, which is cast with ZG310-570. Each steering saddle comprises the upper half housing, lower half housing and support, basin-type rubber support, and base, which are connected via high strength bolts. Among them, the basin-type rubber support is a standard part, which is supplied by the manufacturer of standard parts. Each steering saddle needs two basin-type rubber supports.
      The saddle is welded with Q345qD. After welding, Grade-A ultrasonic flaw detection and Grade-A radiographic flaw detection will be conducted on the stressed parts. Then, after the saddle is qualified in flaw detection, it will be annealed to eliminate its stress. After that, it will be machined and finally coated with anti-corrosion paint.
      With mature manufacturing workmanship, cable saddle and clamp have been widely adopted in bridge construction.


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