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        In the generator unit of Three Gorges Power Plant, the thrust bearings with axial carrying capacity of 5520T are important equipments for hydrogenerator unit, which has become the generator unit with largest thrust and highest unit capacity in the world. Its main components include the oil groove, thrust bearing shoe, high-pressure jacking device, and thrust collar/runner plate. Thrust collar/runner plate comprises of the thrust collar and 80mm thick runner plate; the surface Ra of runner plate is lower than 0.4um, and its planeness is lower than 0.02mm/M; the parallelism between runner plate surface and A datum plane is less than 0.02mm, and the degree of double leap is less than 0.02mm; its overall dimension reaches 5200x1100mm; the coaxial cylinder degree between internal cylinder and external cylinder is less than 0.03mm, and; its weight reaches 68t.

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