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      MG45 portal crane is a specialized equipment developed on the basis of general-purpose crane as well as the usage requirements and operating condition of subway construction. It’s used specially for dumping the muck and transporting goods into and out of the shaft. Portal crane mainly comprises of portal assembly, cart walking mechanism, crane carriage, specialized lifting appliance, electric system, driver’s cab, and platform railings, etc. Safety protection devices are designed for the walking, lifting and other key actions of portal crane, thus ensuring safe, highly efficient and reliable operation of the crane.
      Main characteristics of 45t portal crane
      Rational: Rational structure and superior workmanship
      Portal structure is designed and analyzed with the aid of computer; the structure of whole machine is more rational; the product quality is guaranteed by means of quality inspection and control and superior workmanship.
      Reliable: Dual-stage braking of main hoisting mechanism, thus ensuring higher safety level
      In order to ensure reliable operation of hoisting mechanism, dual-stage braking is designed and installed respectively at the high-speed end and low-speed end of the main hoisting mechanism. Therefore, under abnormal condition, it can brake reliably, so as to guarantee safe and reliable hoisting operation.
      All-sided safety protection devices: Overload limiter, hoisting height limiter, overspeed protection limiter, cart and carriage walking limit switch, anemograph, rail clamping device, anti-collision damper, and sound and light alarm, etc.
      Convenient: Portal span can be changed; main girder is designed with several sections; adaptive for different construction sites
      Portal span can be changed within certain scope, and be adjusted as per certain step length, so as to adapt to different shaft width in subway construction. Besides, with modularized design, its cantilevers can be dismounted.
      Intelligent: With the latest technology for bus monitoring frequency converter, the operator can know the operating status of equipment at any time

   Because the latest technology for bus monitoring frequency converter is adopted, the user can view all parameters (current, voltage, speed, load, and fault) of frequency converters in various actuators on the touch screen, and the operator can get information about the operating status of equipment at any time.

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